The Skipper and details!


A personal précis for those that might be at all interested!


Trevor  is the owner and skipper of the Gadfly and has been operating and cruising her for the last seven years.  She was purchased in Queensland, brought down the coast in 2003 and apart from trips away has been home ported in St Kilda, Melbourne, at the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron.  With Trevor as skipper, she has cruised Bass Strait (a lot), circumnavigated Tasmania and in 2007 she cruised the east coast of Australia, Lord Howe Island, New Caledonia and Vanuatu (for blog on this trip search ‘ballofdirt gadfly’ and follow the prompts). 

Trevor is a marine biologist and before heading off sailing  worked in tertiary education and science for 17 years.  On the ‘academic’ front he has a PhD in marine science and has published articles on the dirtier end of marine science, i.e. pollution biology, environmental toxicology and introduced marine pests.  Other science type engagement includes contract work for Government agencies, CSIRO and coastal engineers. On the go-to-sea stuff, he has held a commission in the Royal Australian Navy and has trained on Fremantle Class Patrol Boats in Bass Strait and on the east coast of Australia.  Also a stint on commercial vessels on the Aus east coast and in a minor capacity on fishing vessels out of the Port of Melbourne.  He has operated small boats on open waters and especially Bass Strait for 30 years (for employment and fun) and has cruised yachts in southern Australia for twenty years. More formally he currently holds a Master-5 commercial shipping ticket and sailing endorsement. 

Trevor is a very experienced (SCUBA) diver and has dived all over the southern and eastern coasts of Australia.  Diving has been commercial, recreational and for scientific research.  Gadfly is equipped with SCUBA and surface supply equipment and with a high pressure compressor. 

Other interests are cycling (recreational and racing), music and of course travel. He can be contacted at:-

 And when at sea via HF radio and modem at:-

For the HF address this is only for short messages and do not just press reply.  You must construct a new message each time as download time is limited (very important); short messages only. 


Isle of Pines, New Caledonia, 2007.

Noumea yacht club, 2007.

Rig repairs, Refuge Cove, Wilsons Promontory.


9 Responses to “The Skipper and details!”

  1. Trish Godden Says:

    Hi Trevor!
    How did your first day go? Is everyone settling in for the voyage? Looking out today, I am thinking that it will be grey and chilly on the water. Love the photos. Look forward to the updates. Cheers, Trish.

    • Trevor Says:

      Hi Trish, everything good, we are in Coffs Harbour and will keep in touch. Will keep blogging as time permits with moving.

    • Trevor Says:

      Hi Trish,will endeavour to get stuff on here as quick as we can, just moving quite quickly at moment. Coffs Harbour still tonight (Monday) headed Gold Coast. Cheers.

  2. Noel Buckley Says:

    Hi Trev,

    Have read some of the blog. Looks like the trip is going well. Life in St Kilda same same drinking and partying through the winter praying for summer. My Winter sun is a holiday in Bali end of August with Brenda.
    Will you make Bali?
    Hope all the travels going well and your keeping the crew ship shape. Sail safely


  3. raelene mitchell Says:

    Hi Trev,
    Sounds like all going well, sorry to have missed you.
    Hope you reach your next destination safely.
    Keep in touch.

  4. Vicki Dillon Says:

    Hi Trevor
    Sounds like things are going well for your trip, sorry to hear about your dad hope things are on the mend for him. On the other hand your footy team looks like they might be heading for the finals I hope you are somewhere were you can watch the game in a couple of weeks. Take care have a safe trip.
    All the Best
    Vicki xoxo

  5. Carol Raven Says:

    Hi Trevor,
    The November Malaysia stories make great reading – I guess there was work for many people to build the marinas and resorts, but no-one to actually use them! I’ll look forward to the december read.
    I am still looking to do some short-term crewing in 2011, so will keep an eye on your blog.

    • Trevor Says:

      Yea sounds good Carol. We are off to the Andamans in a couple of weeks assuming we all get our visas sorted. Will try and get the blog up to date this week as well. Sitting still in Phuket for a couple of weeks now. Cheers.

  6. Twanda Bump Says:

    I really find this a interesting subject. Never looked at this subject in this manner. If you are planning to write some more articles about this subject, I definitely will return soon!

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