Plans, trips and crew!


November 2011



We are in Sandakan in NE Borneo at the moment headed west back towards either Kudat, then the Philippines, or direct to the bottom of Palawan in the Philippines then up to Puerto Princessa. We have just finished a cruise of the Sabah coast of the Celebes Sea.  Looking at a crew change here and sorting some boat work before clearing out of Malaysia. Have one or maybe two people for passage to Puerto Princessa and a few people interested in the Phliippines but not totally committed as yet.  Expect to be in the Philippines till mid-late March (day hopping everywhere possible)  before moving back down probably through Sabah, Kalimantan in Indonesia and then across to the fabulous diving in Rajah Ampat in the west of New Guinea. After West Papua across the top of Papua New Guinea. From New Guinea the plan is to look at the Louisiades before making a hop back to the Queensland coast in Aus.  Of course some are arguing we could also go up into the Gulf of Thailand and hang around on the Thai east coast during the high season there. Tough decisions here!!!!! Anyway for any adventurous souls out there looking for a sea voyage and the lifestyle of travel on a sailing boat, get in touch.

There are always spots for parts of the trip so to join the boat contact Trevor at:

Cheers and beers from Trevor and the Gadfly.



(May 2010)

Well the boat is headed north again, tropics, warm weather, thongs, shorts and t-shirts. Great Barrier Reef, diving, fishing, swimming, seeing the sights. The very cunning plan is to go straight from St Kilda to Wilsons Promontory and maybe stop at Refuge Cove; if wind good keep moving. In other words get across the paddock as quickly as possible, stop at Eden and then move north as briskly as the weather allows.  For those from more distant locales, the ‘Paddock’ is that stretch of water between the prom and Point Hicks where we get to turn northish.  About 200 miles where the only friends are oil rigs. Once  north of that cross roads of intrepid yachty types (Eden), we will day hop and overnight till past Brisbane at which point we can slow down to enjoy the warmer weather. The intention is spend a bit of time enjoying a tropical sojourn up through the Great Barrier Reef, seeing the sights, catching dinner and having more than a few diving and snorkeling expeditions.  Upon arrival at Cape York the boat will turn west and head across the Gulf of Carpentaria and then continue in a somewhat relaxed manner to work it’s way to Darwin.  Then, Indonesia???? We are looking for crew for any leg that people might be interested and all enquires welcome.  Gadfly.ketch@gmail.comDeparting Melbourne 20May2010.

Lord Howe Island

5 Responses to “Plans, trips and crew!”

  1. Michal Says:

    Wow, that would have been the perfect birthday present: fly into Melbourne and sail off on a yacht! (my birthday is May 19). Wish I had known about all this sooner. I have always wanted to visit the Great Barrier Reef (you know that) and it’s tempting to join you for this portion of the trip. Perhaps I will see what I can do…

  2. raelene mitchell Says:

    Is this site to contact Trevor Burridge ?

  3. Famke Vandenbroele Says:

    Hello Trevor

    We are Famke Vandenbroele and Sander Vandemoortel and we are two Belgians currently travelling in South-East Asia. At the moment, we’re in Bangkok and we don’t have any fixed plans yet of where to go next. However, we have been thinking for a while about going to Australia by boat , but we didn’t quite know how to do that until we found your message asking for crew members on If possible, we would love to join you on the Gadfly. We have very little sailingexperience but are eager to learn…. Let us know if we could be of service :).
    Kind regards, Sander and Famke

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