On the way to Indonesia. 06September2010

Tomorrow we are off to Kupang in West Timor, 460 miles away.  We have been here now for two and a half weeks and it’s time to move on and check out Indonesia.  The stay here was somewhat extended by the skipper having to fly back to Melbourne to see his father (unwell) and also to make new chain-plates for the mizzen mast shrouds and the backstays; the chain-plates are pieces of stainless steel bolted to the side of the boat that hold up the masts via the stainless steel wire attached from them to the masts.  It seems the original ones weren’t likely to do the job terribly effectively for much longer due to numerous cracks that have probably been there a while but gone unnoticed.  Well, after noticing the cracks they had to go and all thanks to Lozza (Elmore) for helping to manufacture new ones and allowing the skipper to yet again utilise his workshop to make yet more stainless steel, boat jewellery.

It is also a very small world here it seems when the skipper can walk into a café and run into two of his neighbours (Ben and Dave, sadly without Conrad the dog) who were returning from a motor-cycle extravaganza in East Timor.  Ben is an airline pilot for Virgin and arranged flights for the Melbourne chain plate thing, so big thank you there also.

A feature of life in Darwin, aside from the heat, appears to be the rain and it seems the build-up from dry to wet season here is happening early.  When it rains in this part of the world it really rains and a feature of the rain is that the boat harbour here at Tipperary Waters provides a drainage basin for excess water flow.  It’s a funny thing that people who have bought very expensive properties with lovely views of the boat harbour get to enjoy the rubbish and assorted shite that runs off the roads with a torrential downpour.  As one might imagine all sorts of crap floating about in the dark brown water gives the place a sort of lovely, dishevelled, polluted look with enough rubbish to block the cooling system of the German who left this morning also headed for Kupang; bet he is happy.

Darwin has however been fun with many pubs to visit and lots of money to spend on all things nautical.  One attraction is the ‘Dinah Beach Cruising Yacht Club’ just down the road from Tipperary waters.  You would have to call this a piece of old Darwin that is sadly being surrounded on all sides by development.  A bar, kitchen, huge covered outdoor drinking and eating area, hard stand for boats and careening frames for those wanting to scrub their boat bottom. This has effectively become our local whilst in Darwin, good place for a beer and to watch the football finals. The hard stand is a classic with boats of various states of decay and repair parked for the long haul with their owners effectively living in them and in tents under the stern.

All good things must come to an end however and it’s passage time. Leif has finally found somewhere to stay, quite a feat given the comprehensive lack of accommodation in this town. Tonight the Kiwis are on board, we have cleared customs and all that’s left is to top up with diesel fuel in the morning.  On a sad note Mike (our other Kiwi) has for personal reasons had to jump ship so the crew is down to three for the foreseeable future.  So in the morning we slip our lines, hope that most of the rubbish has sunk or been removed in the German’s cooling system, work our way back through the mini, panama canal that is the entrance to our current home and head for the fuelling wharf.  Once full of diesel it’s back to the westerly movement and trying to find ways to keep track of Collingwood in the finals campaign back home.

Dinah Beach Cruising Yacht Club

Might not float!

Go Pies!

Lock Gates Tip Waters.

Passing Dinah Beach CYC; outbound.


3 Responses to “On the way to Indonesia. 06September2010”

  1. Trish Says:

    Hi Trevor,
    Hope your Dad is OK?

    Hearing that you were in Melbourne was a relief because I thought I was going mad, imagining that I saw you driving a purple car down Nepean Hwy on Wednesday afternoon. Did you happen to notice a crazy woman craning her neck, in a car to the left of you? How funny.

    Happy sailing to Indonesia !


    • Trevor Says:

      Hi Trish, just a quick note. Back in Bali on the boat, tired and needing some sleep l feel to be able to function tomorrow. More soon and you can get to me direct via email. Cheers, Trevor.

    • Trevor Says:

      Hi Trish, what’s happening? Am in Malaysia and plotting moves. Dad apparently on the mend but still needing more surgery. Talk soon. Cheers, Trevor. How is the summer shaping up in St Kilda??

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