At Airlie Beach and the ‘Whitsunday Sailing Club’! 06July2010

So here we are back from the scenic attractions of Cid Harbour, the wind has moderated and we are at anchor directly in front of the little boat harbour in the front of the Sailing Club.  There is a ‘Taser’ national championship on here with much hospitality on offer.  Yesterday was a very laid back sail from Whitsunday Island and after dodging and weaving between all the moored and at anchor boats in the bay out front the skipper got as close in as space and draft would allow.  So it’s dinghy in for the showers, bar and walks around town; last night of course we sallied forth to revisit our first port of call from a few nights ago. We are planning to move back out to ‘Whitehaven Beach’ either today or tomorrow, the skipper is just needing to stay in touch with Melbourne for today and we can move on when some home things are sorted.  From here we will day hop to Cairns and then try and do some snorkelling around some of the coral reefs further north.  So, it’s warm, the wind is back to the normal SE, the beer at the club is cold and we have filled up on diesel, water and food.  Regards to all at home wish everybody could be here.


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