16June Eden to Southport

On the Gold Coast after Wollongong, Sydney and Coffs Harbour.


Well here we are swinging on the anchor half way up the ‘Broadwater’. This a rather skinny stretch of shallow water that connects places like Southport at one end (on the Gold Coast) to the bottom of Moreton Bay.  The idea is to work our way up through the Broadwater and then take a shorter route with a nights rest to get to Mooloolaba.  The only trouble is tomorrow (Thursday) the wind is to go north so more than likely we will be in Brisbane which is much closer.  Anyway the Broadwater is nice with the Stradbroke Islands on one side, flat water and mangroves along the banks on the shore near where we are just short of ‘Jacobs Well’.  Seems there are a couple of rather shallow bars just ahead that require a some hours of tide on them.  Also lots of boaty type development places with names we only usually see advertised like ‘Sanctuary Cove’ and ‘Runaway Bay’; though the best name though is the dodgy entrance between North and South Stradbroke, ‘Jumpinpin’ wth the ‘Jumpinpin Bar’.  Lots and lots of development here, breathtaking and prices for vegies that are equally astonishing; we were warned though at the Southport marina about the shops but ah well we needed salad for the fish we caught coming in.

We left Eden on 05June after sheltering in East Boyd Bay over in the SW corner of Quarantine Bay; the south side of the multi-purpose pier in Eden being no place to prop in a vigorous SW blow.  East Boyd Bay is a pretty little bay tucked in behind the Naval pier just around the corner from the big pile of shredded trees waiting to be shipped to Japan.  Still a few trees to chip here it seems! The weather gods were promising 20-30 knots of WSW shifting SW on 2-3 metre seas and they kept there word and more.  What with gusting over 40 on eventually 5-6 metre seas (against the prevailing current) it was a kind of forgettable experience.  Anyway after much hanging on and bracing ourselves in bunks we eventually did a night entry into Wollongong, tied up next to Carls fishing boat and went to the pub; local leagues club ‘Steelers’.  The next day we moved up to Sydney for a couple of days at the CYC (Cruising yacht Club of Australia) in Rushcutters Bay.  Dave next day went for a sail on one of the very flash looking vessels that live here while the rest of the crew chilled out.

Sydney to Coffs was a two night exercise clearing Sydney heads at 1100 on 11June.  This was a tough run, 235 miles fighting the east Australian current and on ones toes for shipping and other traffic; lots of it and all.  Last time on the way south the skipper counted 35 ships at anchor waiting to load lots of coal to help with Australia’s contribution to global warming.  Didn’t seem so many this time, but still quite spectacular just watching the next fecking great, bulk carrier roll into view.  The deal working your north is to try and stay in as tight as possible on the coast to avoid the worst of the current moving south and of course against us. At 0230 on the 13th the lights of Coffs loamed large and on a broad reach we sailed up for yet another night entry this time back into sunny Coffs where it rained a lot.  Coffs is always welcome when headed north or south and this time was no exception with the skipper catching up with old acquaintances from previous visits. In particular watching the drawn game between Collingwood and Melbourne with Jako who used to kick goals for Melbourne. Quite ironic the draw and all!! We spent two days here before dropping the lines for an overnighter to Southport and hopefully some sun.

Passing traffic

Well the departure from Coffs in the rain was more than made up for with an over the top whale exhibition about two hours out.  Two or three Hump-backs spent about half an hour jumping out of the water, tail slapping and generally having what seemed to be a lot of fun and all within about 500 metres of the boat.  Gini was beside herself as she actually got to see the things this time instead of spending all her time getting her camera organised.  Motor-sail turned into sail turned into motor-sail and on the 16th we slipped in through ‘Gold Coast Seaway’ and tied up at SY1 berth at Southport Yacht Club for a brief visit, a shower, some diesel and some food.  One thing about coming into the Gold Coast is the surreal appearance of the place from the sea, this strip of sky scraping buildings that look out of place and something like a scene from a science fiction film, wierd!!  The real highlight for us though was half an hour from getting in we caught a Bonito tuna and then a metre long ‘Spanish Mackerel’.  This really put a smile on the dial of our angling veterinarian (Dave).  So off we went seeking the most expensive salad in Christendom for our fish and salad lunch.  Good fish though.  So tomorrow it’s off to either Mooloolaba or Brisbane and maybe another pub.  Regards to all at home and it turns out SY1 (our berth) stands for “Super Yacht 1”, hardly!!!


One Response to “16June Eden to Southport”

  1. Louise Felsbourg Says:

    Loving your blog, Trev. Great photos. Noticed in photo that the fishing looks a little more successful there than Tas. Will keep checking in and living vicariously through your blog. Lulu x

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